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written by Louisa June 19, 2017

One of the reasons I started The Life Observed was to inspire others through photography. Nowadays, we all capture memories and whether we think so or not, we’re all explorers, observers, and capturers of beauty — even if it’s just in our own homes. This site has been a way for me to inspire others and to encourage people to seek out that beauty in the everyday when they’re walking to work or on their way to meet friends on the weekend. It’s about seeing and noticing and capturing. This is also why I wanted to start selling prints. If I can bring just a little bit of the joy I feel when taking photos into the lives of others, then I know that I’m using my gift for more than just myself.

When I thought about what images to start selling, I think about what brings me joy the most. Take “Looking West,” for instance, it was a warm Saturday evening in New York and I was with good company, a glass of wine in my hand and blissfully snapping away with my camera with no ulterior motive or agenda. I think that’s what happens with all of us when we put our heart and soul into the things we’re passionate about. I also thought about what types of things would transport people into my world and help them to catch the vision of what I saw when I captured that image.

A recent customer described that she liked “For Two” because it reminded her of a trip she took recently. That’s what I want for anyone who purchases a print — to look at it wherever they place it in their lives and be reminded that joy can come from the smallest and simplest of moments.

One final note for today: I’ll be starting weekly phone wallpaper downloads! Here is the first one:

Click Here to Download!

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