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Introducing: Limited Edition Prints

written by Louisa June 15, 2017

So here we are! It’s June 2017 and I’m (re)launching prints available for sale! Some of you may remember, back in 2015 I founded and launched my LLC with the intention of doing this exact same thing on a much larger scale. I had dreams of giving Art.com a run for their money. I had the experience, the bandwidth, and the prints so I jumped in.

The problem wasn’t that my site wasn’t pretty enough or navigable enough or even outrageously priced; the problem was that I did it for all of the wrong reasons and 3 months in, I found myself crashing and burning. I wasn’t passionate about what I was putting out there and I was trying to be someone I wasn’t. I actually did it to impress people and make myself feel validated when I was still “just” an intern while my friends were ladder-climbing to the top. I was even trying to stay on top of competitors who had been in the game for years and incidentally became just like them. My brand wasn’t mine — it was missing me. 

Fast-forward 2 years and I’m ready to try again. I’ve been praying about this for quite some time and God helped me realize that it wasn’t a knowledge or experience problem blocking me before — it was a heart problem. To be honest, this time my profit margin will be lower, I intend to tithe a portion of my profits, and as you may have seen on Instagram, I will be giving a portion of the profits to 100Cameras.

I first encountered this organization in late 2015 and I was really moved by what they were doing. The organization exists to teach kids about photography and encourages them to embrace their story and share their perspective — because it matters. I know that I myself can’t necessarily get up and go to the corners of the world to make an impact, but I can do what I can here by using my gift to give to others — because isn’t that the heart of God? This time, it isn’t about me. It’s about others.

I’ll be sharing the meaning behind the prints in the coming weeks and sharing more about what it means to create art, to observe, and to display it for others. I will also be adding new products as I feel inspired and create and I invite you to join me on this ride. It’s going to be bumpy but I’m excited because I’m willing to put in the work.

I’m pleased to introduce the following prints available in two sizes 8×10 ($75) and 11×14 ($110).

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An Orange Tree in Portugal


Looking West



For Two


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