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written by Louisa April 12, 2017

Being in Cascais felt like being in both a foreign country and at home at the same time.

One part foreign because I live nowhere near a coastline that looks like this, and one part at home because I’ve always felt a natural pull toward places where land and sea collide. I arrived by train early in the morning on a whim, in search of just a glimpse of Portugal’s famed rocky coastline (I didn’t have time or the guts to travel down to the Algarve by myself). The clouds were looming even though my weather app reported sunny skies but it also helped to keep the droves of tourists off for just the right amount of time.

Making my way along the coastline, I wandered down to see the Boca de Inferno. It truly was magnificent. There was something calming about seeing water and rock, uninhibited by human touch, dancing in a graceful fury.

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