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Postcards from Portugal

written by Louisa April 4, 2017

Fewer things will invigorate you like travel. I’ve had many people ask me, why Portugal, and to be honest, I don’t want to tell them. A country filled with beautiful villages, rolling hills, awe-inspiring coastlines, delicious food and generous people — and they want to know why I don’t want the spoils of tourism to taint its emerald green hillsides. Instead, I can take a moment to tell you why NOT to go to Portugal.

If you want to experience generosity and feel like you’re at home, don’t go to Portugal.

If you want to see both land and sea that will only further glorify God’s creative hand, don’t go to Portugal.

If you want to discover beautiful relics of the Gilded Age preserved in their majesty and sitting high upon their seats proclaiming ‘This is Portugal,’ don’t go to Portugal.

But I digress and I will tell you that my trip was incredible. As many photos as I took (scroll to see how trigger-happy I can be) I will say this — the two best memories from my trip are not documented here at all. Perhaps it was because I was too busy learning how a German PhD candidate who speaks Arabic ends up teaching college students in London (and possibly the generous outpouring of wine at this cooking class) or discussing the similarities in the gentrification of the Portuguese neighborhood Alfama and our beloved Brooklyn with a former illustrator, his wife, an incredible chef, and their thirteen year-old daughter. Yes I won’t have photos from these times, but the moments that were my favorite were the ones that will stay as pleasant thoughts sweeping across my mind when I think of something that draws me back to that time and place — if only for a moment.


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