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Un Instant in Montreal

written by Louisa March 7, 2017

One cursory search for “how to travel on the cheap” in Google and you’ll introduce yourself to a myriad of self-proclaimed travel “gurus” telling you how to travel more. Many of the tips rings true but also seem quite repetitive to me. Sifting through the “plan around your vacation time-s,” and “save up and go to multiple places at once-s” I found one gem that I don’t think I’ll forget. “Make every trip an adventure.” I think we have a tendency to belittle our trips that don’t involve a 6 hour flight and a view of the world’s most talked-about monuments and museums. What if we treated every trip, near and far, like an adventure? What if you viewed your trip to grandma’s as a time to reconnect, learn something about their childhood, or share with them something that could help them adjust to the ever-changing tech world? What if you saw that two-hour train ride in or away from the city as a chance to reflect and clear your head, even if you’re only gone for a day?

If we start viewing all of our trips as adventures, maybe we wouldn’t proclaim that our lives aren’t interesting. Maybe we wouldn’t be envious of that jet-setting influencer on Instagram while we’re stuck in our dimly lit offices and cubicles. But I digress…

Kylie and I really wanted to go to Cuba over the President’s day weekend. I had four days off and she only had to take one day off; we were ready to go. Except, we didn’t plan well and it just didn’t work out. So we looked at our options and all signs pointed North. People asked us “why Canada” and I think the real question is is ‘why not?’ We went to a place where the native language was not our first language and where our cell phones didn’t work 100% of the time (places with wifi are a real blessing) and we ended up enjoying this city. Maybe it wasn’t Havana, Tulum or St. Barth’s, but it was our adventure.

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