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written by Louisa March 1, 2017

Have you ever taken one step forward in courage, in faith, in confidence, only to find yourself having to take 3 steps back? For me personally, that’s a resounding yes. I feel like so far on this blog, the subject of perseverance has been laid on thick — sorry for those who are growing tired of my constant “you-can-do-its!” To be quite honest, that’s just the season I’m finding myself in. It’s a season of blessing in terms of my job, my friendships and community, and my personal emotional health; but that also means that it can be so much easier to get complacent. I don’t want to be complacent, I want to flourish and continue to flourish — hence why this post is aptly name “efflorescent.” God tells us that in this life, we will face seasons of all kinds (Ecclesiastes 3) — but that does not mean we can’t continue to grow, learn, and evolve at all times. I want my seasons to always be filled with efflorescence; and to never be stagnant.

This test shoot was one of my first where I took a step of courage and contacted agencies to do a test. It was inspired by a number of different editorials by some of my favorite photographers. I wanted to capture not only Raylane’s beauty but to draw on the emotion of what it’s like to be waiting for something that has not yet come — whether that’s a person or a situation.

Photography // Louisa Wells

Styling // Louisa Wells — Dress & Shoes from Zara

Hair // Scott Waldman @waldmanscott

MUA // Saira Ahmed @sairaahmedartistry

Model // Raylane Silva rep. by MC2 Models

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