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On The Way

written by Louisa January 25, 2017

I’d like to take a moment and honor the people of Spotify. Not only have they created a digital community connecting the world through something we all can get behind but they really get you to expand your perspective and discover more (shout out to my discover weekly this week). Thanks to Spotify, I discovered Sebastian Kole’s soulful voice; his song, Love is On the Way stuck with me.
In the second verse he sings, “No I’m not a superhero, I just want to save the day. I can’t pretend everything’s okay, I can’t pretend everything’s okay.” That is so powerful. If you’re following any news right now (especially in this lovely country) you know that things seem bleak. And with media’s perceived 80/20 rule (80% bad news, 20% human interest pieces) the picture that’s painted is not a pretty one.
However, I refuse to buy into that and accept that as fact. I refuse to just accept that this is “just how the world works.” We can do something. Maybe you’re not into marching and protesting, maybe you’re not into letter-writing, maybe you’re not interested in politics at all; I’m okay with that because that’s not what I’m referring to. This life is such a gift and we can still find so much joy and beauty in it. As Sebastian penned, I too ‘just want to save the day.’ I believe that we can. No matter what tomorrow’s tweets (sorry, I couldn’t help it) may bring, I know what my passions are and I’m going to create and share the beauty I see in the world. I encourage you to do the same.
Long introduction aside, let me introduce you to Kelly. She’s a fresh face model, actress, and (ahem) web developer! This gorgeous girl agreed to a quick test shoot with me and we braved the cold at Pier 26 to get these photos. I hope you enjoy her beauty as I saw it raw and unashamed.