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written by Louisa January 3, 2017

A portrait can be defined as ‘ a photograph of a person, especially one depicting only the face or head and shoulders,’ and it can also be described as ‘a representation or impression of someone or something.’ When it comes to capturing portraits in photography, I like to think that it is a combination of both. Yesterday, I attended my first Pursuit of Portraits Instameet (albeit it wasn’t my first overall). I’ve been wanting to go to one ever since they started having them around 2014 (I believe) but have never been able to attend — that is until yesterday. We met up at Umpire Rock in Central Park — a name bestowed upon that rock that was unbeknownst to me– and got to know people for about 45 minutes. I met a group of cool photographers who all knew each other from another group (shoutout to NYC Shooters). From there, we started on a cold and rainy walk around the southern part of Central Park.

What I love most about these type of things is that you go into it thinking they’ll be super competitive but it’s truly about community. Thriving in the photography industry is oftentimes more about your character than your work. The people I met yesterday inspired me, pushed me to look at things from different angles, and changed my perspective. Here are some candids and portraits I shot from the day (part 2 coming soon)!


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