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Prairie Roots

written by Louisa November 29, 2016


These days, I rarely get the opportunity to create alongside my brother. Surely our mother’s children, we both inherited creativity so strong, we easily get engulfed in our worlds of creativity. When I get the chance to photograph him, I always jump at the opportunity.

Back in high school and college, we would do mini shoots around campus that centered around graffiti walls, railroad tracks, and dusty library book stacks, but they never felt “right” to me. As a song writer and artist, my brother’s personality comes through in his sound and less-so in images and as a photographer, it’s my job to portray the creative directive as I see fit.  So when he agreed to take some photos over the Thanksgiving holiday,  I got to work pulling together inspiration that I thought would best capture his roots but honor where he currently is in his industry. Growing up in Illinois, I feel my brother will always hold on to a piece of that Midwestern innocence — humble, welcoming, and kind — regardless of the fact that he now lives near and works alongside big names in the industry. I gathered inspiration from Koray Parlak, Luca Koriand Sharif Hamza whose work captures the carefree essence of nature and juxtaposed against the modern attire.



Special thanks to my brother Nick for being a good sport.



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