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Why We Shoot

written by Louisa November 17, 2016

Fewer things cross my mind more often than “why” I choose to do something. Looking back on past mistakes, I often ask, ‘why did I do that?’ Looking to starting new projects and ventures, I always ask, “what is my reasoning for starting this?” That being said, one thing that doesn’t cross my mind or isn’t always clear to me is my reasoning for choosing photography.

I’ve recently come to admire the work of fashion/wedding/lifestyle photographer Ben Sasso, whose creative manifesto was a swift kick to the rear in terms of waking me up to realize the potential sitting right in front of me.

He calls on all creatives to “experiment in a way that fosters progression” and it dawned on me that I haven’t been doing that.

So afraid of displeasing people, I’ve stuck to the cookie-cutter guidelines in my ascent into the illustrious photography industry.

As a Christian, it is my firm belief that I have been given this gift to share with the world, and highlight the beauty and majesty of God’s creation all around me. And still, I’ve found myself failing to do that time and time again. Focusing too much on how something will appear to others, I’ve shied away from creating from a place of authenticity. So, starting today, I’m saying good bye to that former self that was too often afraid to shed my fragile cocoon.

I shoot to bring to light the beauty that is in the everyday. I shoot to conjure up visions that originated in the corners of my mind.



I shoot because part of my being craves to share my art with others. I shoot because it brings me joy and why would I ever want to deprive that joy from others?


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