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The Standard East Village

written by Louisa November 17, 2016

Back before The Standard hotel revitalized their “one night stand” app to the caliber of which it now stands, there was an app that was created solely for the purpose of booking quick staycations at either The Standard Highline and The Standard East Village. At the risk of missing out on such an amazing “instagram moment” (honestly, truly)

I booked a night at The Standard East Village.

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To say that it was one of my favorite times spent in a hotel was an understatement. With robes so fluffy and an egg sandwich that makes my mouth water at just the thought, I feel that I truly was able to enjoy my staycation to the fullest extent. I still look back on that time with euphoric nostalgia. Take me back. 


Words from 2016, photos from May 2015


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