Forget screen breaks to relieve tired eyes, it's the Taiwanese trend for eye massage machines that we should be looking out for.

According to an article by the Wall Street Journal the latest beauty gadget to be sweeping, or at least soothing, the beauty world if the Asian market is anything to go by (and it usually is) is the eye massage machine. Think of it as a hands-free mask which gently massages the delicate eye area to relieve tired and sore eyes.

"We've been selling eye massagers for years with steady sales, but this year there has been a noticeable jump in demand, with sales up 30 per cent (in the first half of the year from a year earlier)," Sun Shao-qu, sales manager in Taiwan for OSIM International Ltd told the Wall Street Journal. "We believe it is because more people have tired eyes from looking at screens all day."

This beauty gizmo blends two big trends at once: not only does it talk to a world in possession of an eye-boggling obsession with smart phones and computers, it also tends to a new love of mobile beauty devices.

So will it be big news in the UK? Thalgo , the makers of a brand new Eye Massage Mask, certainly think so. And one look at the statistics, combined with Britons' attachment to mobile smart phones and computers, you can see - albeit through perhaps tired eyes - exactly why.

Home use anti-ageing gadgets are the fastest growing sector in the UK facial care market, which itself is predicted to top £1 billion this year according to Mintel. You may have already heard of two other gadgets that buzzed onto the market with a boom: Clarisonic (the super deep cleaning oscillating face brush) and Slendertone Face (the nerve activating head set that firms our faces.

EMS Machine

As weird as this newcomer to the gadget market looks (like a ski mask but without the vision) we have to say we're tempted, and none so more than by Thalgo's. The fact that Thalgo's version is a salon-only treatment for the moment is appealing because until we get our heads around a massage mask, we'd prefer a professional to wrap it around our heads.

With precise massage movements called Temporal Pressotherapy and Digito Pressure, this superhero mask by the French skincare company claims to reduce wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness thanks to precise massage movements. And with eyes being the first place to show signs of ageing, we think this be the new anti-ageing gadget.

Thalgo's Eye Massage Mask, which is available as a treatment in salons, is priced from £35 at salons nationwide. For your nearest spa or salon call 0207 512 0872

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