This week, ahead of the NAMM 2020 convention in Anaheim, Gretsch has announced a trio of new drums: a Black Copper Snare, Grand Prix Snare, and the Limited-Edition River Cypress Kit.

The Black Copper Snare is available in two sizes, either a 5"x14" or 6.5"x14" shell. According to Gretsch, "The new snares have a thin layer of black powder coating applied to their 1mm copper shell, which adds just the right amount of control to the overall sonic character of the drum, whilst still retaining the traditional warm, articulate sound."

The new Black Copper Snares are similar to a limited-edition released in recent years. However, the badge is different, with the new snares featuring a laser-engraved round logo that exposes a portion of the underlying copper shell.

According to Gretsch, the Black Copper Snares also offer: "A Lightning throw off, 42-strand snare wires, 45 degrees bearing edge, die cast hoops and Snap-In key holder round-out the features of this unique snare drum."

According to Gretsch, the "drum incorporates all the essential Gretsch characteristics: a sophisticated look, inviting feel, and fantastic sound. The lightweight, brushed 1.2mm rolled aluminum shell is extremely sensitive and delivers a distinctive range of tone with loads of power. It has a 45-degree bearing edge and 302 double-flanged hoops to ensure the comfortable feel for which Gretsch drums are known."

Like the Black Copper Snare, the Grand Prix Aluminum Snare is available in a 5"x14" or 6.5"x14" shell. Click the follow buttons above to add each to your Reverb Feed and be notified as soon as they're available for purchase.

Rounding out the new offerings from Gretsch is the Limited-Edition River Cypress Kit. Available in what the company calls "extremely limited quantities," these handcrafted drums are a hybrid maple/gum sell finished with a veneer with an interesting backstory.

The veneer comes "from wood that is estimated to have been submerged for 60–150 years at the bottom of the Pee Dee River Basin in South Carolina, (near the historic Smiths Sawmill), located 120 miles from the Gretsch Factory," Gretsch says. "The slow-growing, indigenous species benefits from the minerals in the river, giving it a beautiful gray patina."

0.7-5.0mm Galvanized Iron Wire

Available in two configurations, only 30 kits of each will be built. Both configurations include an 8"x12" rack tom. Then you have a choice of 16"x16" floor tom vs. 14"x14"; a 16"x22" bass drum vs. a 14"x18"; and a 6.5"x14" snare drum vs. a 5"x14".

Find the available River Cypress kits on Reverb. And click here for more gear news and product releases coming out ahead of this week's NAMM 2020 convention.

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